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Our attorneys aren’t afraid of the insurance company

Many law firms simply settle for the first offer they can get for injury victims. That's often true for people hurt in car accidents or other serious incidents. Their lawyers would rather take whatever they can get than fight to get top dollar for their clients. It takes a different sort of car accident attorney to fight for everything you need.

No Recovery, No Fee

We take a different approach. Our car accident lawyers aggressively negotiate for our clients. If insurance companies refuse to cooperate, we will file a lawsuit to take them to court. That’s what sets Villari, Brandes & Giannone, P.C. apart from other firms. We do not rest until justice is served and we get you the best possible recovery after your car accident. It doesn’t cost you a dime if your claim is not successful. You only pay us if we win your case.

Getting injured in a car accident can be devastating. Along with the insurance company giving you a hard time, you could be in significant pain as you try to recover from your crash. Maybe you were rear-ended and have sharp pain in your lower back. It could be that you were T-boned by someone who was texting and driving, and now you have a head injury. Whether you suffered a soft tissue injury or a skull fracture, you deserve to be in good health without being burdened by financial hardships ─ and our car accident lawyers can help.

Our knowledgeable and aggressive legal team knows how to prove negligence and hold the other driver legally responsible for the damage they did to you and your car. You didn’t do anything to cause your crash ─ you shouldn’t be responsible for repairing your car and paying your medical bills. Put your trust in the Philadelphia car accident attorneys who will fight for you, and watch us work to get you the compensation you deserve. We serve injured clients throughout Montgomery County, including those in Norristown and King of Prussia.

Results Matter
"This isn't just about money. This is someone's life." - Peter Villari

We vigorously fight for the rights of injury victims in Philadelphia, Conshohocken and throughout Pennsylvania, Marlton and other New Jersey communities, and beyond. Our uncompromising approach consistently produces sizable settlements and verdicts. But we never forget what matters most - our clients' best interests.

  • $27 Million Birth Injury
  • $15.1 Million Brain Injury
    From a Train Wreck
  • $8.4 Million Truck Accident
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    "Thank you so much, Paul! It has been a great experience working with your firm. I just talked with one of my neighbors (who didn't choose your firm, but another one) who said he has not had any communication with his lawyers in several months!" - Mary

    "Thank you so much, Paul! It has been a great experience working with your firm. I just talked with one of my neighbors (who didn't choose your firm, but another one) who said he has not had any communication with his lawyers in several months!" - Mary

    "When my tractor-trailer suddenly lost its steering and rolled over, trapping me inside, my life flashed before my eyes. My injuries were horrible and I knew it wasn't my fault." - Jose

    "Because of Peter Villari and his kind, caring team of professionals today we have a home. Peter Villari gave my daughter hope; he gave us help and gave us a future." - Selena

    "My family is forever grateful for what Peter Villari has done for us. He is more than an excellent lawyer, he is an amazing man." - Elena

    "We hired Peter Villari as our medical malpractice attorney and he fought for me and my wife to get us answers about what happened to our son during delivery. He treated us like family." - Duane

    Available. Accessible.
    "We're here for you when you need us."

    If you've been injured in a car accident, you need answers now. You need to talk to someone who understands how the legal system works. You need someone with experience successfully navigating their way through the process. You need someone you can trust.

    We know what you're going through. That's why you can talk to a personal injury attorney whenever you need us - anytime, day or night.

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    "My clients have my home number. They have my cell number. They have my email address. I encourage them to call me anytime, anywhere." - Peter Villari
    Our Lawyers Will Keep You Informed
    "We'll always call you back promptly. Attorneys who don't return calls, don't work here." - Peter Villari

    We keep clients informed every step of the way. Our team takes transparency seriously. At any point in the process, you can come to our office, take your file, sit in our conference room and read it. There are no secrets when we represent you.

    We work this way because we respect our clients. We respect their needs, their thoughts and their opinions. We treat our clients as equals, and we promise to do the same with you. You know what matters most when it comes to recovering from your injuries. We promise to make your concerns our top priority.

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    Honest. Trusted.
    "We tell people the truth."

    Many car accident lawyers tell people what they want to hear. We tell people the truth, even if they don't want to hear it, and we do that because we care. We're honest because that's the only way to show compassion for the people we serve and to get them the best possible recovery after their car accident.

    Another aspect that sets our personal injury attorneys apart - we don't dictate what clients should do. We talk to them. We explain all their options. That way, they can decide what they want us to do for them and be an integral part in all decisions that are made in their case. Rest assured, if you want us to do everything, make all the decisions, so you can heal, get better and have no worries, we can do that too.

    Our approach has earned the respect of clients and other lawyers throughout the area. We're the law firm other personal injury lawyers trust to handle tough cases. People know we know how to successfully resolve complicated cases.

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    "We explain all your options. We're here to help you."
    - Peter Villari
    Tough Car Accident Attorneys
    "We're on your side."

    A car accident can turn your life upside down. It can change your life forever. When this happens you have pain, are upset and confused. Knowing what to do afterwards can be overwhelming. Worst of all, some people might even question whether you're seriously injured.

    The minute you get hurt, you may feel incredibly isolated. Friends and family might see you as a burden. The insurance company will question whether you're being honest, and others might say you're just out for a quick buck. That's not the way you'll be treated when you come here. We'll listen to you, we're on your side, and we will fight for you every step of the way to the best possible recovery after your car accident.

    "We know the truth. We know you're hurt. We believe you. And we're here for you." - Peter Villari

    At the end of the day, our clients come to understand who we truly are. We're people who are there to help them – and not just to get them money – but rest assured, we will. We never forget that they're people, and that's the big thing that sets our firm apart. We really care about our clients.

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