Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer 

Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer 

Experienced Property Injury Attorney In Conshohocken, PA Seeks Accountability from Property Owners with Dangerous Conditions on Behalf of Injured Clients in King of Prussia, Norristown, Montgomery County, and Throughout Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey 

Property owners in Pennsylvania have the duty to maintain safe premises for visitors to their properties. When a visitor to a property is injured as a result of a defective or dangerous condition on the property, they may be entitled to recover compensation for their damages. An experienced Philadelphia premises liability lawyer from Villari, Giannone and Matteo can help you recover compensation for your damages through a premises liability claim. 

The team at Villari, Giannone and Matteo are compassionate and dedicated. Our attorneys are experienced in handling premises liability cases. We will pursue compensation for your damages aggressively and fight to recover maximum compensation. We will take your case all the way to trial if we need to. Our trial-tested attorneys will provide you with the support and representation you need to secure a favorable outcome. 

We offer free consultations for accident victims. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced property injury attorney in Conshohocken, PA from our law firm. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your case with you. We will review your case and identify the parties that you can hold liable for your damages. We will explain your rights to you and help you understand the options available to you. 

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Types of Premises Liability Cases Villari, Giannone and Matteo Handle 

Accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons. At Villari, Giannone and Matteo, we have encountered premises liability cases involving various factors, including: 

  • Slip and fall accidents 
  • Elevator accidents 
  • Escalator accidents 
  • Trip and fall accidents 
  • Swimming pool accidents 
  • Negligent security 
  • Recreational park accidents 
  • Accidents involving gym equipment 
  • Parking garage accidents
  • And many more 

What You Should Do After Being Injured on Another Person’s Property 

Experiencing an injury while on someone else’s property can be devastating. However, the actions you take after the accident will have a big impact on your ability to recover compensation. It is therefore important that you are careful to: 

  • Notify the property owner or manager of your injuries. If you were injured on a business’s property, you should notify the supervisor or manager on site and obtain a copy of the incident report that they draft. 
  • If you are seriously injured ensure your safety by contacting emergency services. Seek medical attention to ensure that you get the right treatment and that you don’t suffer complications as a result of delaying treatment. If you are able to get to a medical facility on your own, do so as soon as possible after the accident. 
  • If possible, you should document the accident. This includes taking photos of the scene of the accident, your clothes, your shoes, the conditions of the area as well as your injuries. You should also capture footage of those around you during the accident. 
  • Gather the contact information of witnesses at the scene of the accident. These witnesses will help to support your claim later. 
  • Store the clothes and shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident. These should be stored in the same condition as at the time of the accident. They will be vital as evidence when seeking compensation for your injuries. 
  • Consult with an experienced Philadelphia premises liability lawyer to get started with the process of recovering compensation for your injuries. 

Contact Villari, Giannone and Matteo to Schedule a Consultation with an Experienced Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer 

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries while on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages. Contact Villari, Giannone and Matteo to consult with an experienced property injury attorney in Conshohocken, PA. Our team is experienced and committed to fighting on behalf of the injured. Our attorneys will explain your rights and options to you. We will help you determine the best way to approach recovering compensation for your injuries and other damages. 

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with an attorney from our law firm and get started with recovering compensation and holding those responsible for your injuries accountable. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Premises Liability Claims in Philadelphia, PA 

Who can I hold responsible for an injury I suffered in an accident while on someone else’s property?

In most cases, you can hold the property owner liable for your accident. However, there are instances where other parties can also be held liable for an accident on someone else’s property. These parties include: 

1. the tenant 
2. the company that provides maintenance services e.g. the company responsible for servicing the elevator in the building 
3. the company responsible for cleaning the property 

It is important to consult with an experienced Philadelphia premises liability lawyer after your accident. Our attorneys will review your case for free and determine the cause of your accident. Our attorneys will identify the parties that you can hold liable for your accident and guide you in recovering compensation for your injuries. 

Can I recover compensation even when the property owner claims they had no knowledge of the hazardous condition on their property?

Yes. You can still pursue compensation from a property owner even when they claim that they were not aware of the hazard on their property. The law does not actually require you to establish knowledge of the hazard. Property owners are required by law to maintain reasonably safe properties. You only need to establish the existence of the hazard on their property and that there was sufficient time for the property owner to discover the hazard and take action to correct it. 

Villari, Giannone and Matteo offer you the opportunity to work with an experienced property injury attorney in Conshohocken, PA. Our team will investigate your claim and find the evidence required to support it. You can rely on our experience and knowledge to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. 

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