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Our elder abuse attorneys put your family's interests first

We trust nursing homes to care for our loved ones in the later years of their lives. That's why nursing home abuse and neglect cases are so disturbing. Instead of our parents or other loved ones living comfortably in assisted living facility, their health and well-being gets worse due to mistreatment by nursing home staff members.

Fortunately, your family's not alone. We can help. At Villari, Brandes & Giannone, P.C., our experienced nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys can work with your family to make sure your loved one's injuries are taken seriously and whoever harmed your family member is held accountable for their actions.

Based in Philadelphia and serving families throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our law firm knows how the legal system works and knows what needs to be done to build the strongest possible legal case. That's why we have such a strong track record of success. If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, contact us today.

Types of cases

There many different types of nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Some of the most common - and most serious - cases we handle include:

Nursing home abuse

  • Physical abuse by nursing home staff members
  • Verbal or emotional abuse by staff members
  • Physical abuse by other nursing home patients
  • Sexual abuse by staff members or other patients

Nursing home neglect

  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Bed sores due inactivity
  • Sepsis or other infections due to poor hygiene
  • Depression or other serious mood changes due to neglect
  • Patient given wrong medication

Signs of abuse

  • Complaints of neglect or abuse by patient or resident
  • Sudden, unexplained health problems
  • Suspicious, sudden or unexpected coma or death
  • Unexplained mood change of patient or resident
  • Poor hygiene
  • Pressure sores or skin ulcers
  • Poor wound care
  • Falls or fractured bones
  • Nursing home prevents families from visiting patient

Why choose us?

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases can be extremely complicated. That's because the nursing home often denies doing anything wrong. Instead, they often claim that your loved one became sick or ill because they're older or had pre-existing health problems.

You know your loved one best. You know when something's wrong with them. That's why we want to help you hold the nursing home accountable for its actions. Whether it was hiring someone with a history of abusing patients or trying to cover up their reckless or negligent behavior, nursing homes must be held accountable for such behavior. We can even help you file criminal charges against the nursing home if necessary.

Tackling such tough cases can be challenging. That's because nursing homes often refuse to release details about your loved one's injury or illness. These companies also often have entire teams of attorneys defending their rights.

They don't intimidate us. We know how to investigate abuse or neglect claims. And we're prepared to take the nursing home to court if necessary. "We take these cases very seriously because they're about more than money," attorney Peter Villari said. "They're about someone's life." Find out how we can help you. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation.

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