Back To School Road Safety For Philadelphia Pedestrians And Bicyclists

September 28, 2018

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School has started, and that means more children walking or riding their bikes to and from class. 

As we all adjust to the school year and prepare for the changing weather and the coming winter, it is important we do our part to keep everyone on the road, especially our youngest travelers, safe. 

Tips for Drivers

The first thing the National Safety Council (NSC) reminds drivers about is the importance of slowing down and paying attention. A great number of problems can be avoided on the road if we just stay aware of our surroundings and maintain speeds that give us time to react.  

While dropping off students, drivers are encouraged to avoid double-parking and to consider carpooling. This decreases some of the congestion in the school zone and makes it easier for drivers to see what is happening. Students should also never be dropped off across the street from their school, as they will have to cross on foot. 

Meanwhile, drivers with or without students need to pay attention to what the students are doing. Stopping for crossing guards or flashing lights in a school zone, watching very carefully around buses and playgrounds, and not stopping in crosswalks all help to ensure that students can go where they need to more safely. Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians or try to scare pedestrians with the horn or the engine. You will get where you need to go faster by waiting for them than you will by causing an accident out of impatience. 

Tips for Everyone Else

Drivers are responsible for their actions, but so are the other people on the road. The NSC also has a guide for pedestrians, bicyclists and students who ride the bus. This includes safety tips such as never walking while distracted, whether by a cell phone, headphones, or anything else that prevents you from reacting to changing conditions. Parents should practice walking to school with their kids and teach them proper safety procedures, such as using crosswalks, remaining on sidewalks when available, and looking for oncoming traffic. 

Students on bicycles should wear helmets and reflective clothing, be taught how to use hand signals, and be trained to watch for cars and observe the rules of the road. Students waiting for a bus should line up six feet away and not attempt to enter or exit the bus until it has fully stopped. They should also know not to cross in front of the bus when possible. 

By taking these steps into consideration, everyone can play a role in helping to save lives. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident, contact us today to learn how we can help you hold drivers responsible for their decisions.

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