Philadelphia Attorneys Discuss The Severity Of Traumatic Brain Injuries After Auto Accidents

January 3, 2019

Philadelphia auto accident attorney

If you were injured in an auto accident, you may have sustained a bump on the head or may have even have lost consciousness. Perhaps you thought you were able to “walk it off afterwards.” However, when the impact from a car accident results in a traumatic brain injury (TBI), your condition should not be taken lightly.  

A TBI happens when your brain slams against the inner lining of your skull. Even a minor TBI can cause damage to tissue and blood vessels. They can be caused by: 

  • Head-on collisions 
  • Rear-end accidents 
  • T-bone accidents 
  • Rollover accidents 
  • Single-vehicle accidents 

How serious are TBIs

Unlike most injuries, crash victims are never the same again after sustaining TBIs. Once the tissue and neurons become damaged, the effects are permanent – even after healing. 

Common TBIs include:  

  • Coup-contrecoup brain injuries: This type of TBI occurs when the force from a crash is great enough to cause the brain to hit the opposite side of impact.  
  • Concussions: This type of TBI is the most common and is caused by a sudden impact to the head. The brain hits against the inside of the skull on the side of the impact.  
  • Brain contusions: This type of TBI involves mild bleeding under the skin and often happens alongside a concussion. In severe cases, a brain contusion may require surgery. 
  • Diffuse axonal injuries: This type of TBI is similar to a concussion, but is more serious and can result in a brain stem tear and brain damage. In severe cases, a diffuse axonal injury can be fatal. 
  • Second impact syndrome: If you have already sustained a TBI, you’re susceptible to sustaining a second one. Additionally, a second TBI is likely to be more serious than the first one.  
  • Penetrating injuries: Objects and debris can penetrate the skull in an auto accident, causing an open-head injury. This can cause severe bleeding, blood clots, and lack of oxygen to certain parts of the brain.  

Crash victims who sustain TBIs may experience: 

  • Headaches 
  • Disorientation 
  • Changes in mood 
  • Irritability and aggression 
  • Fatigue 
  • Difficulty with concentration or memory 
  • Communication difficulties 
  • Comatose state 

What to do if you suffer a TBI

If you or a loved one sustained a TBI after an auto accident in greater Philadelphia, you may be wondering what to do next. Your recovery could take months, and possibly even years, of expensive medical procedures and time off from work. The emotion and financial strain a single auto accident can have on your life can be overwhelming.  

That’s where an experienced auto accident attorney at Villari, Giannone and Matteo comes in. Our highly skilled legal team is dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured motorists and their families.  

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